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HI, I'm Stephanie. I help guide people with persistent illnesses, most of them unseen and some unnamed, find their way back to optimal health. I know what it’s like to suffer from fatigue and inflammation brought on by food intolerances, weight imbalances, digestive symptoms, skin issues, hormone imbalances, high blood pressure and high blood sugar. It has taken me years of rigorous study to understand that the root causes needed to be addressed. It is my passion to pass this along to others so they don't have to suffer any longer. 


Rootology Functional Nutrition fills the gap by addressing health in between doctor’s visits, as well as the "root causes" of illnesses that are invisible, and some that aren't.

My Story

My journey began in 2017. I can remember being on the phone with my mom on a Monday after a restful weekend saying, “I’m so exhausted, I don’t know how I’m going to get through this week.” Little did I know that was just the beginning of a long health journey that even today I’m still fine-tuning.


Finally, in 2021, I found out that I have a complex situation that involves autoimmunity, a genetic issue, as well as two bacterial infections, one in the large intestine that caused the second infection in the small intestine. I'm happy to say I my autoimmune thyroid is now in remission.

This led me to want to share with others how to navigate the often confusing journey it can be to unravel the complexities of health. So, in 2022 I became certified in Functional Nutrition Counseling through the Functional Nutrition Alliance, founded by Andrea Nakayama, Master's Degree in Nutrition, as well as Human Nutrition & Functional Medicine. Andrea is a leader in the field of nutrition winning the 2015 National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP) Impact award and the 2016 NANP Service Award for her leadership in the field of nutrition.

My experiences have led me to realize that doctors are absolutely essential for life-threatening illness and emergency care, but don't always have all the tools they need to address chronic conditions. Their challenge is compounded in that they generally don’t have the time available to dive as deeply into their patients' conditions as they might like. These take work beyond what a 15-minute visit can provide. 

Rootology Functional Nutrition is complimentary to your primary care provider, filling the gap by addressing health in between doctor’s visits, as well as the "root causes" of illnesses that are invisible, and some that aren't.

It begins where you are and helps to take you where you want to be. It helps you realize the vision you have for what needs to change and provides actionable steps to get you there. 

I became inspired to be the person who can work with you, in partnership with your physician, to see the challenges hiding beneath the surface, find the reasons behind them, and through shifts in nutrition and lifestyle, restore balance and vitality to your life. 


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