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What is Functional Nutrition?

Functional Nutrition uses food as medicine to help restore balance to the body. But it’s not just about food. How is your stress? How is your sleep? What have you got going on daily that might be contributing to your issues? 


It is a whole body approach that focuses on your unique differences to address the underlying causes of illness — aiming to get to root cause resolutions and restore optimal performance. It’s designed to be an in-depth investigation into your body as a whole and uncover whatever is preventing you from feeling your best. 

Functional Nutrition looks at the complex web of interrelated physical factors including diet, genes, hormones, digestion, detoxification, environmental factors and lifestyle. It empowers patients and practitioners to work together to find the underlying cause and uncover optimal wellness.

Why It Matters


Chronic diseases like diabetes, Alzheimer’s and heart or autoimmune disease are often due to imbalances in the body. Some are affected by genetics, which can be influenced by food and supplementation. We have learned that genes can literally be turned on and off with the choices we make. Other imbalances are affected by lifestyle, habits and environmental exposures.


Some people tolerate stress better, some people get sick really easily, some are sensitive to chemicals that don’t bother the average person. Each person is an individual and we look at the factors that influence your body and find ways to restore balance, as well as overall health and well-being. 

Addressing the Roots

The goal is root cause resolution. The practitioner begins by asking "why" and "what's going on" with an in-depth look at symptoms and health history, seeing the client as a whole to find the story waiting to be told. That is followed with education about behavior that is impeding optimal health and offers suggestions for improvement. Rather than a one-size fits all protocol, it gives the client the roadmap they need and empowers them to make meaningful changes that regain and restore health.

Gut health is foundational - no matter the condition,

it always comes back to the gut.


There are 5 main principals that we address through Functional Nutrition Counseling:


  • Quality Food

  • Balance Essential Nutrients

  • Toxic Load

  • Prioritize Gut Health

  • Tend to the Microbiome

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